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14 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Valdez, Alaska
I have runners and love them, but recently hatched some penciled runners and anconas in my classroom. I was planning on keeping a couple of the anconas, but notice they are not as relaxed and affectionate as the penciled runners. Are anconas usually like that. They run to the other side of the brooder when you walk up, and they squeal for their brooder mates when you pick them up? The runners just curl up in your hand and let you pet them. Does anyone know about the personalities of the anconas???
I wonder if it depends on the line. I have often heard that runners are especially high-strung. I'm trying to select for laid-back ducks in my breeding. But my Anconas have never been frantic - I can move among them without any panic, they noodle around underfoot and eat out of my hand. They don't much like being grabbed, though my young drake is pretty good about being held. I've seen some birds (runners sometimes) where the flock all cram into the corner of the pen when a person goes in.

Babies DO call for each other - but some time spent being petted in a lap can soothe them. They really seem to embrace repetitive experiences. I think familiarity and routine give them a lot of security. So pick them up, love them up and spoil them with peas and treats, and then put them back. Repeat and repeat. Then I think they'll be as calm and social as their natural disposition allows.

(I do wonder if exhibition quality lines have calmer temperaments bred into them, since they have to be handled at shows?)

Anconas are the only breed I'm experienced with, and only a couple years at that. so, YMMV :)
Thanks. I think I will give them a try. They are so pretty and very entertaining. I would like to keep a drake and a hen. I know there is no way of telling until they are older.
I've only ever had my two anconas, but I CAN say that my drake is the sweetest thing ever! He grouches a bit when he's away from my runner, but he calms down very fast, and is content to just let me hold, and pet him.

My runner loves to see me, s/he makes her/his little happy noises when I come outside, but HATES being picked up, held, petted etc.Which is strange because I held her a lot as a baby.... That also depends on the individual birds too though I'm sure.

Well I ended up keeping two of the anconas and one of the penciled runners. They are so cute. Since the rest of the flock has left they are getting much tamer. They stand up and peer over the brooder when I walk into the room and I can pick them up without any crying. I put my hand in the brooder and they all come and lay down close to it, or curl up in it and nibble on my fingers... I think I am one of the flock now. That takes my flock to nine... I just bought a little shed to put in my backyard, so they will have their own home. Can't wait until these get big enough to introduce to my other runners. Your ducks are very pretty by the way. I hope mine turn out that nice. I am guessing one of my anconas is a female and the other a drake.... it will be fun to see if I was right.
Your birds sound like they just love you to pieces! My swedish hates being picked up, but she doesn't want me to leave her either so I don't feel too bad about it. Have you ever given them Kale? My ducks think it's the best thing on earth! the youngest ones, you'll have to tear it up into tiny pieces.

When my younger babies are big enough to spend some time with the big kids, I get nervous and excited all at once... when they get along nicely, it makes all the smelly cleaning worth it.

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