And he/she is a....


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May 3, 2009

I thought this one came from a batch of 3 chicks at auction marked Golden Comets, but after seeing some pictures of EE, well now I don't have a clue.

Any ideas?
Def. a roo!! As far as breed, I think he looks like a mutt... does he have feathering on his legs?

I don't know enough about golden comets to comment on that though.
Well, his legs aren't green like EE's typically are... Could he simply be a heinz 57? Does it matter to you (I mean I can understand if you only want a roo the same breed as your girls, especially if you're going to hatch out the eggs)? He's very pretty no matter what he is!
i would say RIR/EE Roo mutt!

the muffs would be fromt the EE, as well as some of the hackle coloring, but no pea comb, so definitely not even a very "true" EE, (knowing of course, EEs are not true breeds, i just mean that the araucana/ameraucana gene is VERY diluted; ie no pea comb, no green or slate legs)

and the tail/body feathering and single comb looks like an RIR roo or even NHR
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I was thinking that he was a roo.
Doesn't matter that much what breed he is, curiosity was getting the best of me.
We are also trying to keep our roo population down to a minimum, which is a shame because our coolest looking birds are roos.

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