And I thought I was the weak one.


11 Years
May 10, 2008
Emmet TWP, MI
I took DH to Farm and home so I wouldn't come home with chicks, I just needed layer feed for the big girls. I tried to avoid the peeping ad walked all the way around the store to avoid them. What does he do? Walks up and looks in every bin! I got my feed and headed for the register. he says, "hey, they have light brahma's." I roll my eyes. Really he was supposed to oppose my habit not enable it!!!. Then he says, "There are only five left." followed by, "Aren't they cute." That is when I got the hint. I said, "Can we take them home?" That was the question he was looking for. He didn't want to admit he wanted them, he still wanted me to be the weak one. Looks like next time I will go by myself and just buy more chicks while I am there!

Did I mention that we have 13 mutts in the coop, 5 EE's, and now 5 Light Brahma. In addition to the 13 Salmon Faverolle's, 15 silkies, and 7 Bourbon Red's that we already ordered?
My DH has gone from not wanting chickens at all to the chickens pecking on the slider to see if he's home! He has become the "Candy Man" for all the animals but the chickens are his special pets.He shaves carrots for them, always seems to accidently make too much oatmeal when we have breakfast, ect. We went to the feed store to get more chicks as we have lost 3 of our hens and AGREED no more than 6 chicks. First he talked the feed store lady into letting him pick out the chicks and got 6. The lady said "Thats' it, 6 chicks?" He then looked @ me with a hopeful look. I reminded him that if we only get 6 this year we'll be able to get more in coming years. That cheered him up. He's gone from city mouse to country mouse.
Some men have drinking buddies... others eating buddies
My DH is forever outside clucking to his girls and he is always packing treats. At the feed store yesterday he points out all the different peeps and then rolls his eyes when I picked up two Buckeye and one Orphington ... men...
We lost his favorite red and blue EE chick last night because of beak problems. I had to console him and promised to pick up some pretty barred rocks to make up for it.

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