And in this corner, weighing in at 1.1lbs, "Pistol" Pete the Sultan and....

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    Just a cute story...

    I looked out the window and saw the Muscovies(or what I thought were) thrashing about, how long had it been going on at this point, no idea, but it's not unusual for our 2 boy Muscovies to go at it...They do no damage except to a few feathers then walk off together and eat or something...

    I walked away from window for over 3minutes and came back and they were still at it...THEN I see one of the Muscovies come into view watching the melee, he's not in the struggle RUT ROH!...Now I'm thinking it's my jumbo Pekin or super alpha male Pekin as it's a 2 sided fight...But I'm thinking the Muscovy is going to hurt my BIG 10+lb Pekin...

    I throw on my shoes run out there, grab the muscovy off and it's a 1lb Sultan!...This lil bugger would run the fence when the Muscovies walked by so we knew there was some bad blood for some reason, but they've never had contact...Before now...I mean to tell you, this 1lb Sultan Rooster, the first chance he had, took on this big 5yr old 12lb Muscovy, that knows how to fight, and walked away unscathed...The Muscovy had a couple of pecks to the carunkles, nothing more...

    It's the little guy on the right, not even sure how he got past aviary netting! LOL


    And in this corner...The one up front:


    I just thought it was cute, since he didn't get hurt...However, when I rolled the Muscovy off and realized what it was, I didn't think it was cute, all I could think of is how bad I'm going to feel if that Sultan is hurt(they have become my favorites) and how good that Muscovy is going to taste! :)
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    Hah! Hah! Look at the body language on those two little tough guys!

    Good story! Thanks for sharing. Glad it was all for show and no one got hurt.

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