And so I caved in :)


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10 Years
Mar 22, 2009
Heuvelton, NY
I went onto e-bay and got a really good deal on a new HovaBator and then bought a turner... I am SO excited!!
I have never hatched my own eggs before, only bought chicks and then 2 pullets (which are busy enjoying a cabbage in their quarantine...). I want to start by only doing 2-3 eggs. Where is my best bet to get eggs? Should I order them or ask at my local organic farm that raises Plymouth Barred Rocks?? I know if I hatch them there is NO WAY i'm going to want to part with them so there's the rub. I have 2 PBR's and would like to try orps or favorelles. Is there a way to get just 3 eggs if you order them? I just remember ordering 9 chicks and ending up with 25
I just bought a bator too. (never hatched before either) I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! It's been shipped, so I'm just waiting............c'mon UPS man.

Someone here recommended hatching at least 6 eggs. Cuz not all of them will hatch, and you don't want a single chick.
PBR are the most common here, I might be able to find someone in the poultry fanciers group that has other more rare breeds. I'd also like more Chanteclers. Maybe a "looking for" article in craigslist??

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