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    Apr 30, 2007
    Deer Park Washington
    Back when I was still a teen I had pheasants, just the basic amherst, golden, silver, reeves, and melanistic ringnecks. I spent all my money building awesome pens for them then when I turned 19 I had to move to the city to get a job so sold all the birds and the pens fell apart. Well this spring I came back out and was thinking about tearing down the pens but only took half of them down and used the materials else where, I just couldnt get myself to take them all the way down. Its a good thing I didnt because I moved back home recently and a good friend was moving away and sold all the basic poultry but had a lone male amherst left so she gave him to me. So now I am back in the business of pheasants and its nice to be back. Right now he is going through a nasty moult, he has no tail, one neck feather, and otherwise looks like a plucked chicken and he is living in an old shed pen til I get the netting fixed on his future home. The 4 pens I left up are all 10' wide x 20' long and 6' tall. They have the welded wire around the bottom few feet and chicken wire at the top with nylon netting for the roof. I had them planted with shrubs and grasses at one point but 4 years of neglect left them all dead, all it is now is pasture grass. I eventually plan on getting some females for the amherst, a pair of goldens, and a couple groups of silvers once I get everything back to its former glory.
    Just thought Id share with yall
  2. Imp

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    Oh my gosh. Glad you came back FMP. It has been awhile.

    Imp- welcome back
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    Quote:Glad your back!

    If you don't find any birds out your way; we raised lots of silvers, reeves, goldens, yellow goldens, blue ringnecks, platinum ringnecks and a few swinhoe. Will be shipping when the weather cools.
  4. Tony K T

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    Jul 28, 2008
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    Glad your back.It's funny ha,you think your going to get rid of your birds and then you get just 1 bird and it starts all over again.That goes to show that you enjoy the hobby.Now don't go away again!hehee.
    I just added mikados,humes bartails and another pair of edwards to my stock.
    In N.H.,Tony.
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  5. flyingmonkeypoop

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    Apr 30, 2007
    Deer Park Washington
    Thanks guys! The long story with the pheasants that I started with way back when starts with ringed teal ducks... I wanted a pair of ringed teal but didnt know if they would be cold hardy up here so I ended up getting cacklers, chiloe widgeons, and some pintails. The original pen I had them in was about 10 x 50, plenty of room for them. I saw an ad on craigslist for a yellow golden pheasant male for $20, I figured it would add some color and action to the pen with them. When I got out there I saw the other birds they had I mentioned it would be nice to have some like them eventually. They had 2 pair of reeves, trio of golden, pair of amherst, and 10 silvers (3 males, 7 females) plus a whole group of young birds. They said they would sell me the whole batch for $200. I thought about it for a day or so then decided to get them all, they were cheaper than chickens. I frantically cleaned and disinfected all the chicken pens to keep them in until I got the pens built. Thats when I built the 8 pens (it had an 8' alley that connected to the waterfowl pen). Of course the area I built the pens had to be the only spot that had hard clay out of the whole valley. I was putting them all away when I got them home and had a pair of reeves in one of those cardboard critter carriers with the handle. Well I was carrying it and the handle started to rip so I rushed it to the pen and the male tried to bust out. I held the top but he did it again and went right through the box. Him with his 6' tail and his hen went flying off, they went 1/2 mile before landing and a month later the neighbor was showing me a pic of the 'weird ringneck' pheasant he shot which turned out to be the reeves.
    When I moved out a group of young silvers got out and I caught a glimpse of a male today at the old abandoned barn, I was shocked to see it still alive after 3-4 years of being feral. It would be awesome if they managed to stay alive and reproduce through the cold harsh winters we have here.

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