And then there was one...


Apr 22, 2017
Southern Berkshires, MA
We've had a rough week. Two of our 3 hens were killed by hawks after free ranging since October. The first hen got out of the run and was killed and the second one was IN THE RUN! Needless to say, we're beefing up our situation but right now we have one Wyandotte in the coop with the small run underneath and are wondering how long she can get along alone. It probably will be a few more weeks before we can get more chickens. We've been visiting her with treats and petting her but the poor thing has survived 2 hawk attacks and saw her 2 friends get killed (she was stuck in the run with the hawk). She spends most of the time in the coop but comes down to eat and drink. She's been laying, as well. I feel so sorry for her all alone at night with no one to cuddle with :(


Feb 28, 2018
:)Oh poor girl! Mine have recently started free ranging and I worry about hawks..I hope you can get her a friend or two soon! I have 9 outside right now, and they definitely group themselves with the chickens they were raised with, even though they all get along for the most part. Good luck with your chicken, and with your future new ones!

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