Angel Wing revisted!

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  1. Rollerman

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    May 18, 2011
    Okay I'm like most people,I don't retain much unless it pertains to me!lol. So I know I've read about it before but don't remember a lot. I got two muscovy hens at an auction today. They were in a dog carrier and all you could tell was that they were muscovy hens. When I got them home both have angel wings! Is this hereditary? Can I go ahead and breed them ? Can the wing tip be amputated safely?
  2. WilsonAcres

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    Jul 9, 2011
    Angel wing isn't hereditary its actually caused by a nutrient deficiency when the duckling is very young {I believe it's not enough protein}
    I've heard of a few ducks having the condition and it doesn't really bother them they may not be able to fly or glide very well but other than that they live a pretty normal life I don't believe it can be corrected once they're adults though ...hope this helps [​IMG]
  3. angelbabyamy

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    Feb 18, 2011
    Myrtle Point, OR
    I think it is caused by too much protein in their diet? When I hatched ducklings I was told not to give them chick starter because there was too much protein.

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