Angora Goats-Have Questions

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Nupine, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Nupine

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    Nov 21, 2007
    I have been possible considering angora goats. Being a vegetarians, I really can't sell a goat for meat. So no meat goats. My mom hates pygmys, so no pygmys. I currently have 13 dairy goats, but I am having difficulty milking. Most of the 13 are young though. Meat is a big part of dairy goats, and I can't do it, they are my babies. I would still keep them for sure. I have access to buy a few angoras, our vet raises colored registered ones. I have tried to spin once and I like it, plus our good homesteading friends spin as part of their living. So I have a few questions. What is the average income per year from a wether? Please include what stage of fiber you sell. Dispositions? How do you shear? Do you use them for meat? Can you milk them if you wanted to? Leave horns on? Feeding? Size? Easy keepers and health? Life span? Are twins common with yours? Pics? Average income from doe? Buck fiber usable? Anything else? Thanks a bunch.
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    Nov 21, 2007
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    This may help you out. I have never had angora goats personally.
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    Quote:I recently bought a 8yr female pigmy and a 2 yr male angora. Both pure bred. both are very docile animals, the pigmy is just a known escape artist but respects electricity [​IMG] . I also have question about shear by hand with non electic sheep shears. does any know of a site that might have a vid of this being done. I can find all the speed shearing with power tools sites i want but know of the later
    Also getting a Nubian female from a neighbor because the goat eats the horse food and the horse is a slow eater. :lol:LOL Feeding time is to much of a project

    here are the current 2 Mamma goat goats/?action=view&current=b4180c80.pbw
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    Okay, I can't answer everything since I'm just getting ready to shear my pygoras (pygmy/angora crosses) and mine aren't 100% angora, but they still have the angora hair, just smaller in size. I meet the mothers so that helps.

    Disposition wise they're as friendly as any goat. The wether is really laid back. An angora's horns curl back more than a pygmy. All my goats have their horns. I feed them the same as my pygmies and care for them is about the same. The hair takes some care, it mats up. Shearing two to three times a year is recommanded. As for twins, the two pygoras who's mother is angora seems to have twins everytime. The angora/boar cross I have came from a mother who had just him and passed away right after. Size wise, angora's get to be about 200lbs. The breeder I got them from, his angoras looked to be about the same size as his boars.

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