*Angry birds RP*- Anyone can join

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  1. farm316

    farm316 Songster

    Jul 28, 2014
    In a land with rich soil, and plenty of worms and insects, lives a very proud flock of birds, these birds have everything that they want, and go by the name of 'revenge flock'. But the only fear is that, they will loose their eggs again,
    Long ago, the revenge flock fought hard too protect themselves and there eggs, there
    attackers were not going to lend any mercy to the revenge flock, once the enemy had advanced onto the birds the enemy's had made a deal "We will let you go without any harm, but we want your eggs!" The revenge flock accepted this deal and ran for their very own lives. Running not to far, they waited till the enemy left, with little birds left, they established a kingdom and populated again. In time the enemy's flock will come back again, but with a new name, the name every bird feared 'Ratchet flock' "Will you help us defeat the Ratchet flock?"-Revenge Flock
    P.s.- This RP is with real pictures of real birds, none of the angry birds characters allowed, for the Ratchet flock-ravens and for the Revenge flock- osprey.. these are the types of birds allowed on this RP

    *Whatever I say goes please respect my authority
    *Do not start RP'ing til I have accepted and your form
    *No drastic changes without my knowledge
    *You may have as many character's. Please keep track of them
    * Be realistic
    *No drama
    *Keep RP PG
    * No real details if your mating, etc.
    * have fun!

    Revenge flock- now lives in a wonderful place and is ruled by the king, but no queen. This land is paradise, the only bad thing is that the Ratchet flock keep intruding our space, we are still seeking or revenge.

    Ratchet flock- this flock is ruled by a king, and no queen. terrible terrain, they seek more birds to gain power to overthrow the revenge flock.

    King- leader over the whole flock, and makes decisions
    1st command- Under the authority of the King, this rank serves as a sidekick of the king.
    2nd command- is the wing-ie of the first command but takes orders from the 1st command
    generals- These are the planners of battles and are the best at stratagey
    Warriors- these are under the generals authority and do well at attacking and defending
    Members- These members are what make-up the kingdom
    eggs- these are the future of the flock (only reserved for the 'revenge kingdom) and are unlimited in the numbers.


  2. farm316

    farm316 Songster

    Jul 28, 2014
    Name: Shard
    Age: 4
    Flock: Revenge Fock
    Rank: Leader
    Species: Osprey
    Mate: none
    History: Was born into the kingdom
    Personality: kind,strong,good leader
    Description: will upload pic later

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