Angry & Sad! Bring my birds back!!!!

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    Jul 19, 2014
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    So I have some sad news that I am super angry about and super sad about. No this isn't a pity me thing I am just ranting at the moment.

    So I have 3 Beautiful Ancona Ducks and a very handsome Embden goose and one day my goose was outside meeting my neighbors and what not with my five year old daughter. Both minding their own business and chatting with the neighbor lady and her handsome son who has a dwarfism (He had never seen a goose before so his mom wanted to show him the bird :) love things like that). Anyways, so my stupid and rude drunk neighbor comes out on his porch and starts yelling profanity at my five year old daughter because "We can't even take care of our dogs and now we have a "duck"" (Mind you, he is actually a goose.) So then he throws a big old fit because my husband and mother in law go over and calmly tell him that he cannot talk to my daughter that way and he needs to chill out. SO he starts screaming and cursing even more. He gets not only my landlady involved; but the cops called on himself.

    Needless to say had a little over a week to find them a new home or move out and since I am running into some problems with moving out onto a small bit of property so I can bring my birds home; I had to put them in foster care. Luckily, my friend Amanda and her husband Scott were nice enough to foster them for me until I can find a place to move to. I miss them so much and I feel so empty without them home. I miss their chirping and quacking and honking.

    It is people like my drunk neighbor that make me wish more and more that I could just pack up and take over some random house so I can bring my babies home. I don't want them to think I don't love them or abandoned them. I love them to death and I miss them so much that I have been depressed for a few days now. I want them to come home. They are my babies. My children. I feel like I have let them down.

    -End of rant-
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    It sounds like it is time to find a new home for a variety of reasons.

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