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    Apr 4, 2010
    Born beginning of June. Came to me with navel/joint ill. Doing wonderful now but seems like a little piggy. Worried if his belly is normal. Cant get good pics so I took this video. Let me know what you think. The reason I ask is because we have not raised the meat breed before yet. Just dairy and I dont remember their bellies this rounded lol and the dairy calfs were very boney and this angus calf is not. It might just be the angus breed. I just want to make sure. He seems plenty healthy, can move good, and strong alot stronger then our dairy calfs at his age. I think he weighs more too.


    He had a lot of antibiotics to get over the navel/bone ill. Was rejected at birth and no help was given to him as far as cleaning umbilical cord or vaccinations given at all for the week or so at his previous owners.
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    Sep 5, 2009
    Most orphan calves seem to have "round appearing bellys". Make sure calf urinates normal-to insure he is not starting"water belly"-Unlikely but always a possibility with male bovines. Possibly your calf is a bit protein deficient due to quality of hay being fed. Currently good hay is hard to find in most areas,not sure about your area. Lower quality roughages increase the time it stay in digestive tract & animal has to eat greater quantity = larger belly....... He appears to look great considering all his past problems so most likely will grow out of the "round belly" as his digestive tract matures..... Good luck with your calf !
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    Whitewater Mo
    The Angus breed do not tend to look boney at anytime if they are healthy he looks good to me I have been around them my whole life and had to feed a lot of lil guys like him. I on the other hand am thinking about getting a dairy cow for the first time.

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