Aniaml Track Identification

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    I found this site and it provide excellent guides to identifying various animal tracks. Mammal, reptile, amphib, bird,even insect and human. One of the most informative sites relative to animal tracks and sign I have ever seen. I lost 2 more hens a week ago and am now almost positive it was to a bobcat. The snow over the last 2 days have provide signs of the cat coming during the night and the scat left in my path is no doubt bobcat.

    The birds were killed at dusk just they were returning to the run for the night. One bird was left laying fatally injured who died a few minutes after the attack while I was looking for signs of the injury, I saw no damage except it seemed her neck was broken. She was still alive as I looked her over her eyes blinking but no struggle. She quivered and her eyes closed.

    There are no signs of the second birds who was obviously carried away. I had just checked on them about 5 minutes before and the five were right where they usually are when they are getting ready to go in for the night. So frustrating.

    The work that the author has put into this site is just superb excellent detail and plenty of it. check it out
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    Sorry for your loss:/

    The sire looks very useful, as my area is crawling with all sorts of critters who would love to have some chicken. Luckily I have two chicken friendly dogs that watch over my flock by day and live in a secure coop by night
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    That is a great site thanks for posting it! Sorry for your loss. We have a miniature american eskimo dog that has actuall turned out to be a wonderful LGD. He won't even let ferrel cats on the property. He is fast and can catch just about any uninvited critter. We had two dogs until this past deer season when we found one shot 40 yards from our house. Anyway do you have a LGD or would you consider getting one for protection?

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