animals and pregnant?

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    Sep 14, 2015
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    Question, I raise Flemish giant rabbits, also jersey giant chickens and getting more chickens this spring. I also own a few ducks and goats. I'm also TTC ATM and was wondering of anyone on here has ever been pregnant and had animals? I'm sure I can take care of them all my self like I always have. But anyone else do it? Did u work? How did u male extra money for feed? I'm saving $$ now for future. My rabbits BRI g in a good amount. Getting rid of my animals is not an option. Anyone else??
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    I have always had animals. Last year, we had a surprise you're pregnant! moment. I owned a pet store, so not being around animals was not an option. I just was extra careful washing my hands, and things like that. In fact, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant when I loaded a hog into the trailer to go to the butcher.

    My pregnancy was difficult, and I ended up in the hospital quite a bit, but none of the complications had anything to do with the animals.
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    Congratulations! I was in your boat last year. I actually worked in a Tyson barn until I was 7 months pregnant then the heavy lifting got to be too much. My last horse ride was at 6 months, although I would have continued to ride had the winter not been terrible. I was extra careful with washing my hands. Used caution around large animals like horses and cattle. I didn't handle any that I wasn't 100% sure were safe. As far as bringing in extra money my advice is do all you can. We sold one of our horses, we had too many anyway and they cost and lot and bring in nothing. We kept the ones that we use. We went from 120 chickens to 15 but that was because we moved and didn't have room for so many. I enjoy them so much more now anyway. The hardest part for us keeping the animals was financially for a time but we made it work. Be as frugal as you can and use common sense safety wise and you will be fine!

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