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Mar 18, 2008
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My Coop
I found some metal bits and some plastic bits. Anyone know if one is better than the other ?
The plastic ones say for quail 3 weeks & up, I think they would be easier to get on, but will they stay on?
thinking easier to get on easier for quail to get off...

Would like to hear any experiences with these...either one
What kind of quail are you raising, I've never used them on quail, but have used the plastic/nylon peepers on pheasant. I have only ever seen the metal bits for quail. With their less aggressive nature, as long as you can give enough room I don't think you would need either. Maybe some else could provide more info.
Sorry, I was referring to Bobwhites, which is my understanding they have an aggressive nature. I just wanted to be prepared in case I do need them. I will have to order them, I am just trying to stay ahead of them and would rather have them on hand and not need them as to not have them, thus need them and wait several days for them be delivered.
I use the metal ones when needed Steve, have no experience with the plastic.There easy to use and very effective. A bird will try to rub them off at first, so Id guess your right, easy on easy off. I feel its better to put a bit on a problem bird and leave it in with the rest. The option would be set up a pen for one bird or eat it! Bill

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