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Nov 8, 2008
My anniversary was the 21st. In Aug. my husband lost his 12 year old Husky. She was his buddy and they were very close to eachother. Her eyes lit up whever she saw him. So this anniversary I bought him a black lab puppy. Now we already have three cats and a dog that is my two sons. So I was scared hiding the secret from him until I went and picked the puppy up exactly on the 21st. I then called my husband from my cell in the drive way asking he please come outside and help me bring his gift inside the house. I had a big blue bow on the puppy. I figured he would either LOVE it or be mad at me. I am a softy often taking in animals to find homes rather then see them see harm. My husband tells me I will be a saint for anything with animal legs. My husband was THRILLED and just adores this little guy
Happy Anniversary to both of you!

How sweet of you! We are still looking for the right Labrador puppy. Where did you find the puppy? I live in SoCal, too. If you have a really good recommendation of a breeder, please PM me.
The puppy came local. In Corona. He came from a family who has both parents. They are family raised so I loved that because I can run the vacume and this little guy could careless. Plus the family had cats and small kids so the temperment is great. They are papered which I didnt care about I only care about temperment. That's what I looked for with my service dog and ended up not only with a good temperment is was also great show quailty which makes people always want to pet him lol. I know the family has one male and one female left but they are all black labs. He put the prices on our local forum and I dont think at $375 they will last to long. I paid more then that though hehe. Also these guys are going to be BIG ! I have already contacted my dogs trainer to work with him because I can't have him jumping on me because I will fall.
I Pm'ed you his number. Their temperments are great, my husband is going to put this guy thru full police training.

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