Anothe bator question?


11 Years
Mar 17, 2008
Bennington, VT
A friend of mine is building her own bator, she wants to use a dimmer switch to control the light. I gave her a print out of MissPrissy's plans for the styrofoam cooler bator so she has everything that was listed to build it except the water heater thermostat ( evidently the hardware stores around here dont carry that kind). Ok the question is, does anyone know how she needs to wire the dimmer switch into the bottle lamp socket? LOL I'm no electrition and dont want to be the enabler to her getting shocked! If it helps it is one of the round knobed dimmers with the 2 black wires ( hot ) and 1 green ( ground ).
Most simple dimmer switches just wire in the hot line between the power source and the bulb.

The hot power line goes in one side and out the other to the bulb. The ground connects normally.

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