Another 3-egg day (from two hens) :)


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
We only got one egg yesterday, and when I checked at dusk there were no more.

This morning just before 5am I heard the egg song. I finally went outside at about 7am and there was a single egg in the nest, so I brought it inside and let the girls out for the day. A few hours later Tuppence came over to tell me she wanted back in the coop, so I opened the door for her and she went straight in to the nest box, and came out about an hour later. When I went to let her out of the run again, Penny charged her way in and headed for the nest box. (Penny sometimes will go and sit on Tuppence's freshly laid egg.. I don' t know why). I was impatient for the egg so I grabbed it out from under Penny before she could get too comfy in there. A short while later out she comes, singing the egg song, and when I went to check, there was ANOTHER egg! All three were proper sized ones too... good hard shells, and each one weighing between 60g and 64g.

So that makes three eggs, from two hens... and all definitely laid today. This has happened three times now... always when they skipped an egg the day before.

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