Another Adventure in Hatching


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Jan 11, 2007
Bryant Alabama
I know better than to move eggs to a new broody especially when they only have a 7 days left to hatch. With that being said, I did just that last Saturday thinking it would be so much nicer to have a mama raise the two babies. I went out to check on them this morning as it is day 21 and there laid a baby stiff next to the mom. I checked and the other eggs had pipped so I grabbed them both and headed into the house. I did not have the incubator up and running so I laid down the baby and fixed up the hatcher really quickly with the egg in one hand. The little homemade hatcher is thankfully very east to set up. I got the light in there and the baby and egg inside it and the temp went up fast since it is a very small unit. Humidity was the least of my worries at that point. The baby started to revive and the egg continued to unzip. Here is a photo of the two little ones.

When we talk about moving eggs to broodies please be careful and only try that with an experienced mama. I have done this once before and the results were much worse than this one. I am not sure if an experienced mama would do any better because they do have their own internal clock and I think they know when their eggs should hatch. I have moved eggs that were only one week into the incubation cycle successfully but I will not try it when there is less than a week to go with a new mama again.

These were eggs I traded with Marie Martin for. We have had a time getting eggs between us to hatch. Air Cells were ruptured in all the eggs yet there were still two little determined babies that wanted to live in spite of all the things the shipping and I threw at them.
Good save, Jaynie! Thanks for the warning. I just want a broody, any broody! Hopefully, my year old girls will go broody this spring. Heck, I have three who are half Cochin/Silkie !!! You'd think that would do it, right?
Great save Jaynie. It is much to cold here for broodies to hatch. The babies can get hypothermia so quickly. I alway use two light bulbs in my brooder boxes so if one blows or goes out I have a back up for chicks under two weeks.The reason is I have had the same experience several times trying to let the hens do it in the winter.
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Cyn, hang in there, I think you will see a broody hen soon. I have had three go that route in the last two weeks.

Julie, You are so right about the weather, it could not have happened on a worse day. Snow is blowing in the coop from the space where the tin roof does not meet the walls. Dang, it was 68 day before yesterday. I have little babies doing pretty well in the hatcher for now. I just removed the shell and took out a couple of the plugs in the rather large holes in the side. They will be fine there overnight and I will figure out what to do in the morning. I would love a mama to brood them but I dare not place them with one that may not accept them. I will probably just brood them inside again. The first little one looks pretty nice I think she is going to need a nice Black Bama Silkie cockerel to keep her company later on.
I have moved all those to inside our workhouse cause it has rained so much the ground under them is saturated. A few were sneezing so I started them on a little terramycin in there water. I won't mail anything till I know they are okay. This change of weather from 70's to 20's with wind gust of 40 miles per hr has been rough on them all.

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