another Ameracauna vs EE question. How to tell the difference

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    Apr 18, 2009
    How to tell the difference between a Americana and EE. With so many Americana's being watered down with EE, it is hard to find them pure. Everyone sells them as Americana only to have them lay a green egg. Understanding EE can lay blue as well though.


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    You have to get true ameraucanas from a BREEDER of TRUE AMERAUCANAS. If you want some wheatens/blue wheatens try "halo". She's in Florida as well, her birds lay lovely blue eggs. Or you can try the ameraucana breeders club website- there are links to breeders there.

    If you are ever unsure- check that same website. There are standards for ameraucanas- and only a few accepted colors. The birds must meet the standards (no green legs for example) to be considered a true ameraucana. Not all of the colors lay blue eggs- some are more of a greenish/teal color.

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    Jul 22, 2009
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  4. Country Living Farm

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    Apr 18, 2009
    Quote:I have seen that but it says Americana have no ear tuffs. Lots of the pictures show ear tuffs on Americanas. So a little confused.
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    Hi Monkey!

    There is a website that will help you. Just google "Ameraucana Breeders Club" and it will show lots of pics and describe the conformation to you. It even shows pics of each color in male and female.

    Now, with ear tufts, I'll bet you're confused with the Araucana, which is a chicken that also lays a blue egg. They are often "rumpless--without the tail feathers", and tufted.

    It's a very commonly confused topic. I have EEs myself (which my hatchery sold to me as Ameraucana), but I knew this. I did lots of research, and you will find the true Ameraucanas to be so beautiful, and they have specific colors.......

    I still think my EEs are really gorgous, even though they're not a ture Ameraucana, and they do lay a very nice pale greenish/blue egg.

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