another broody = few more questions.

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Right, after having my first broody Ronnie hatch 10 chicks out 4 weeks ago her sister Roxy has now gone broody up on top of a wall behind the chicken coop and in a maze of prickles and overgrowth! I managed to get up on the wall yesterday to check on her and reached into the overgrowth and looked how many eggs there were (the answere is... 10!!)

    I think she is about 3-4 days away from hatch date and i really want to move her as if she trys to get the chicks down from the wall they will for sure die from the fall as they will not have wing feathers and the wall is roughly 11-12ft high!!

    Can i move her and her eggs? or is it too late? will i end up ruining things if i move her at this time being so close to hatch date?

    Maybe i could wait for them to hatch and move Roxy and the chicks when they are born as they dont wonder around too much the first couple of days or do you think its too risky?


    Will she be ok to join her sister and her chicks or should i try keep them seperate?


    *EXITED* [​IMG] more chickiiesssss & lots of pics, be ready for chick pic overload!
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    Wood ducklings jump out of nests 50 feet in the air. We think of 12 feet as a far fall because we have lots of mass an can create lots of inertia. Chicks on the other hand don't an can take a fall like that pretty well. Hatching has been going on in hay lofts for hundreds of years so I wouldn't worry about the fall.
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    I'd leave her alone if she's that close; too much chance of her abandoning the eggs. She will probably take care of the problem about the other mama and chicks.

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