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    Aug 20, 2009
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    I'm most likely moving here in the next few months (90% chance), I just planted the fall crop of zucchini which will be ready in a month. I'd like to be able to pressure can it and take it with me. My mother used to can squash in 1/4 slices packed in water, and the stewed version we like for years with no problems. I can't find any mention of summer squash in the pressure canning sections of my books and I found this on line (this is exactly like her recipe) but I've also read that summer squash canning is not recommended.

    Which is it? Yes or no? Doesn't really matter either way because I will have the dehydrators running with the zucchini anyway so that I can take it in one form or another. I just want to check to be sure.

    And let's add..... moving cross country and taking a freezer full of produce is not a feasible option. I've done it a few times already, I know my limits [​IMG] So NO freeze it suggestions please.
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    I have canned yellow summer squash before to use for casseroles and it worked fine. I am old school so it may not be recommended now possibly because they also no longer recommend cold pack canning for anything.

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