Another dead chicken


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Aug 29, 2008
This is the worst day of chicken raising!

Yesterday I went out to my two story coop and saw my little dog in the window up top. I saw him and my heart sank because I knew that to get up there he had to pass by the chickens. I tried to prepare myself. I got to the coop and saw two chickens outside so i grabbed them and went inside. I saw three more chicks huddled under the stairs in the corner. Then I saw my little eater egger laying on the floor. I couldnt help it. I started balling and had to leave the room. I was so upset all day. I had named her Bella and she was by far my favorite. She would come run to me and sit on my shoulder. Not only was I mad that she had died but it made me even more mad because I have no idea how my dog got inside. When I calmed down enough to look around i saw that all of the doors were shut and locked. Its a mystery! A very aggrivating one. Today I am going to the store to buy combination locks so this never happens again!!! It is suspicion that my neighbors who range from age 8-3 opened the door and somehow locked my dog inside. If or when I find out what really happened i will

This is my first time owning or raising chickens and so far it hasnt been going to well. I was really looking forward to getting beautiful bluish eggs. I was so depressed yesterday I wanted to give up but I've since realized that I've put a lot of hard work into these chicks and I love them.

I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere that I could get chickens that are already a few months or so old. Preferably easter eggers.

You can try the BST area if you put your location and see if there are any members in the area with birds. Or you could try your local craigslist and/or make postings at your feed store. Sorry about your loss.
I'm so sorry! That's heart-breaking.

I think it's a good idea to put locks on. I put locks on my dog kennel, when I lived in a place with neighborhood children. I had 2 puppies that I normally kept indoors, but sometimes they were outside in a large kennel, since I didn't have any fencing. I was afraid they would be a magnet for the kids and accidentally get turned loose. A lot of bad things can happen, that kids don't mean to cause, they're just too young to understand.
Where are you located? I just hatched out 24 easter eggers. I don't know how many will be female yet. Send me a message.
I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your chick. Hope you find out how the dog got in there. Where do you live? I have some EE's.
I'm so sorry about your loss! I too would be devastated at the loss of my favorite EE'r.

What a wonderful gesture by those offering up chicks! BYC members are the best!

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