another dead hen, and chick #6 has hatched, 2 weeks behind the rest and getting trampled in the broo

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  1. RaisinAFlock

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    Dec 2, 2014
    I saw a red hen of mine get attacked by my roosters yesterday, violently mounted her one after another, till 4 chunk sized pieces of her flesh layed on the ground, from the back of her head or neck, she freaked out and took off and hid, it got dark, couldn't find her, today still no sign of her all day, till I found her dead laying on the ground on her side :( :( I am so very sad about her death, I've had too many losses I feel, in my flock, I have a sick rooster in the hospital cage not doing well at all, I've lost several of my baby chicks, only 5 survived the first hatch, today 2 weeks later chick #6 hatched first chick out of hatch #2 so far, the others are so much bigger, and stronger, I'm worried about needing to separate them now. Its now dark outside too.
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    The first thing that you need to do is to separate or get rid of most of your roosters before all of your hens are killed.

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