Another death, so young at only 29...

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Today my best childhood friends (sisters) lost their younger cousin Mike. Mike was only 29 years old. He was rushed to the hospital earlier this week with blood clots in his legs and in his lungs, and he was steadily getting worse, not better. My friend let me know yesterday that even though Mike was on oxygen, his oxygen levels were decreasing, and because of it they were planning to sedate him and intubate him in hopes that it would give his lungs some time to heal. Today I got word that Mike was taking a turn for the worse, so they were rushing to intubate him, but he died before they could do it. He wasn't married but he had a girlfriend that he loved very deeply, and he was helping to raise her little boy. He is survived by his mom Nancy, his younger sister Lisa, and his nephew Isaiah (age 3 and his Uncle's pride and joy). He also leaves behind aunts, uncles, and many cousins. The family is deep in mourning right now. This was a sudden illness, completely unexpected, and it doesn't help that it's right before the holidays. Please say prayers for the Justice and Steger families. 29 is so young. I'm still numb with shock. I grew up spending a lot of time at my friends' house, and for a time Mike, his mom, and his sister lived with my friends and their parents, and Mike used to eavesdrop on us to learn what boys we liked and then follow us around making smooching noises and teasing us about those boys. He was feisty, independent, hardcore too, but he loved deeply and completely, and when you were Mike's friend, you knew it. He was good people and he will be deeply missed.
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    Sometimes I wonder why the good really do die young.
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    I just lost a very dear young man that grew up with my kid's and who's grandmother is a dear friend in a horrific car crash . . .maybe God just loves these certain people so much he can't stand to leave them on earth with us, and have to bring them home . . .at least that is a comforting thought.
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    Quote:You know, that's exactly how I think about it too. I told my friends that God needed another angel in heaven, so he called Mike home. Of course anyone that knew Mike would say that that halo would be a little tarnished, and just a little bent, lol. And yes Writer, I wonder too sometimes why the young ones always seem to die. Last year, in 2009, I lost my best friend. She was only 29. This year my cousin's friend died. Her friend was a year younger than me, she was only 34. Sudden aneurism, she was gone instantly. My best friend died after a long health battle. She finally succumbed to pneumonia as a result of her illness. I miss her every single day of my life. I feel so bad for Mike's mom and sister. I was told that when his sister was first told the news, she didn't believe it, and when the people around her tried to subdue her, and calm her down, she started swinging and calling them liars. I don't think anyone had more faith that he would recover than she did. It's just such a sad day. This isn't going to be a good Christmas, it will be a sad one all the way around. I'm worried about his mom, Nancy. I am praying hard for her.
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    Prayers said.

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