Another dog attack -,-

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by iammachine, Dec 28, 2015.

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    SSS is the answer to dog problems.
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    @eggone ...I sooooo feel your pain. I lost my little Reuben (he was a silkie) along with 5 other hens at one time. And all I could think of was he couldn't fly and he didn't even run very well..he was more of a hopper...It really pained me to think of that and still brings me to tears. It's very heartbreaking. It's been almost 2 months and I am still mourning them daily. [​IMG]
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    Nov 1, 2015
    That is terrible! We also live in a rural community but most do have leash laws, they are just not enforced. Here you have to complain a lot to get anything done. I took to finding out whose dogs they were then going over to explain that legally they were responsible for any damage done by their dogs either to chickens or their coop etc. most places they are even responsible for damage to your car if you hit a free dog. It is just that most people do not realize this. When that doesn't make them keep the dogs up I catch the dog and turn it over to our local animal shelter. Luckily we fenced off our front yard to help keep other peoples dogs out and now we have enough dogs that no other dogs come near our house. But I totally agree that people should keep their pets on their own property, it's safer for the pet as well as for everyone else.
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    Yeah, earlier this year we had a friend pick up a stray and stop by at our house to talk for a while, she jumped out of the window of the truck and jumped my fence and took out 3 ducks, and 6 of my new hens. :/
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    So sorry for your loss. I have a hawk terrorizing my hens in my yard and it got my dominique hen new years day :( im so upset she was the sweetest hen. Im so annoyed because i can't even kill the darn hawk and now he sits on my run everyday trying to get my other girls
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    When I get a new neighbor that has a dog, I always make sure to mention that I have chickens. That at least gives them heads up to watch their dog. I have no problem at all shooting a dog that comes into my yard, even if it doesn't threaten my chickens. That being said, however, if I recognize the dog and can call the owner first then I do. My yard is totally fenced, but we don't always shut the gate. I have mentioned to our nearest neighbor that he is welcome to close it if he wants his dog out and won't be able to keep a close eye on him, like if he's working on his car. This has worked out pretty well for us. We're out in the country and just about all the rural farmers will shoot stray dogs on sight.
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    Call animal control or fish and game and have them trap it and remove it or just do like everyone else and "hope" it comes up dead and if it does some how just mysteriously die burn it and dont tell anyone.
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    Sounds like it might be time to beef up your coop if a dog was able to jump your fence. A covered run will not only prevent something from jumping the fence, but also protect against aerial attacks. A couple of strands of electric fence on the outside of your coop will also discourage dogs, raccoons, or other curious critters.
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    I feel for you.

    Its a terrible feeling when dogs get the birds... especially when it happens multiple times.... I felt so frustrated and helpless... and my birds were much loved pets.

    I live in rural Thailand and there are packs of temple or street dogs roaming around that don't belong to anyone.

    They work as a pack... and they got into my garden to the coop... tore the wire mesh off and killed most of my chickens and guinea fowl... then went after the ducks.. which flew into the pond.. but they dogs are so clever.... one went in to swim after them and chase them to the bank where the others were waiting....

    I fixed up the coop and replaced the wire with thicker metal. But them came back and got in through prising the door open and squeezing in.. killing more birds.

    I knocked down the coop (which took me weeks to build and looked beautiful)... and paid a company to come build me a metal framed secure one.

    However, a few weeks later I awoke in the night to strange sounds of banging... looking out the window the dogs were back...they were running in circles around the coop and 2 of them were frantically pulling and biting at the thick wire mesh... I went out to chase them off and they were very aggressive to me and it took me a while to chase them out.

    I was shocked to see how much damage they had done.. they were moments off getting into the coop.... having pulled and chewed at the wire and made it start to come away from the metal frames.. even through the frame was 4 feet off the ground.. they had even been pulling the corrugated metal base off... and there was blood over the wire and concrete.. blood from the dogs cutting their mouths on the metal.... they were in such a frenzy to get to the birds... they did not care about pain.

    After fixing up the coop and spent even more money on securing my garden.. making the walls higher. Since then they have not been able to get back in.

    But they have killed more of my guinea fowl.. when the birds fly over the wall... so I clipped their wings now.

    Honestly I hate these dogs... they bark and howl throughout the night.. they kill peoples livestock.. they get into the trash and make a mess... and they chase people riding past on bikes.

    But no one here will do anything about it... and I can't.. as the temple will know its me because I have complained before.
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    I would set some poison chicken right outside my fence. Who is going to tell them if you bury the evidence? That's an invasion of your rights, it seems to me, to allow the dogs to terrorize you and your property.
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