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When ducklings hatch, do you treat them the same as you do chicks? As in, do you take them out of the turner when they fluff? Do you put marble's in there water'er? I am really new to ducks and I have babies hatching
Hey, I will have my first ducklings hatching in a few weeks, too. They've been under a broody hen (chicken) for approx. five days now. I ordered them through the mail and it's too early to candle yet. Maybe we can compare experiences.
Yes, you pretty much treat them the same way as chicks, with just a few differences. Ducklings need less heat in their brooder than chicks do, and do not feed ducklings medicated chick starter.

I used a quart jar waterer until they were a couple weeks old, then I switched to a bowl.
I use chick waterer's for my baby ducklings, and I would imagine that the brooder should be a little lower than a chicks would be.

I "eyeball" the light over the brooder, and change the height over what I see the ducklings are doing.

Best Of Luck

Someone here (I'm sorry, I can't remember who!) suggested an awesome idea for a waterfowl waterer for the brooder-- gallon milk jugs!

We use a gallon milk jug for the waterer, and cut a hole in the side just big enough and just high enough for the ducklings to get their heads in to drink. Over the course of brooding them 5 or 6 weeks, we simply get new jugs and cut new holes higher and bigger as they grow.

Works great-- they can get their whole heads in to drink and rinse their nostrils, but can't play or swim in it.

This is our second year brooding ducklings, and the gallon jug waterers have worked great both times!
We have used the same method for geese also, but instead of a gallon milk jug, we use a bucket. It has holes in the sides. No playing in the water really cuts down on the mess.
I had a duckling drown in a chick waterer, so I would say yes, you should put marbles in it.
Ducklings only need about 85 degrees. By 4ish weeks they shouldn't need heat at all, unless they are outside. I think mine all did without a light (100 watt) inside the house by 2 weeks old. Just watch them to know how much they need. The less heat, the faster they will feather, and be able to go out. They are stinky!!!

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