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    I have 3 hens, 2 are Wyandottes that are about 6 months old. One of the hens, "Hazel has been in and out of the nest box for about 3-4 days now for different intervals of time. Sometime for 30 mins and sometimes shorter, I know she is getting ready to lay, she has been squatting for about 2 weeks now.

    My concern is that she may be in some difficulty egg wise. Her behavior is fine, she is eating, pooping, and has a normal energy level. She has been very vocal as well.

    Can it take several days of "nesting" behavior for her to actually lay her first egg? Should I be worried? Its kind of silly, the other hens and I are waiting with baited breath. The other girls sit outside the nest box and watch trying to figure out what she is up to. I feel I should pass out popcorn.. [​IMG]

    Thanks for your help! I am a bit worried, luv these girls!

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    Okay never mind, apparently I spoke too soon:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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