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    Mar 29, 2017
    My four week olds have lots of feathers, still have fuzz around their neck. I'm in North Carolina and the temps during the day are in the 80s right now and will drop into the 50s at night. I have them outside right now to play, but I was wondering if I could just leave them there indefinitely now? They have been on reduced heat but have still had a light during the most of the day/night. Today they had some heat lamp, but not directly in their brooder. I know to make sure that they are secure at night. What do you think? [​IMG]
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    Take away the heat source completely for a few days first. Keep them near a window so they have light and if you open the window to cool down your house even better. They are more than ready to be outside. I wean chicks from heat and put 4 week olds out in 50-60's F during day temps and down to frost at nights. No worries.
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    I like waiting until 6 weeks. Let them fully feather out. But I think they'd most likely be just fine. They'd just huddle up.
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    Mar 29, 2017
    Thanks y'all!!!!! I'll keep them inside for another week with no heat lamp and cracked window, then move them. I'll have my laundry room back!!!!
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    Make them a 'huddle box', put it in the brooder after turning off the heat(you might have to 'persuade' them to use it) then move it out to the coop with them.
    Cardboard box with a bottom a little bigger than what they need to cuddle next to each other without piling and tall enough for them to stand in.
    Cut an opening on one side a couple inches from bottom and big enough for 2-3 of them to go thru at once.
    Fill the bottom with some pine shavings an inch or so deep.
    This will give them a cozy place to sleep/rest, block any drafts and help hold their body heat in.

    Here's one sized for 4:
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