Another Fermented Feed Question


Chick-O-Treat !
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Jun 11, 2020
A while back I started feeding our small flock of sixteen, ( 12 Ducks, 4 Chickens ) fermented milled whole grains twice a day, over dry feed 24-7. One thing I have noticed and don't like about feeding twice a day is how they all attack the food dishes when I put them out. They act as if they have been purposely starved and then will gorge themselves as quickly as they can. I am thinking this cant be very healthy for them, I feed them like clockwork, 8am and then again at 6pm, plus they are able to free range and forage in between feedings.

I went back to having dry feed available for them 24-7 and then feeding a smaller amount of FF in the morning when I let them out, this has stopped the feeding frenzy. I have done a lot of reading on FF and all the benefits of feeding it etc. and I am sold on the idea. I have been looking for documentation if it exists ? On substituting FF with their dry feed and if they still get all the benefits of eating a smaller amount in their daily diet over all FF ?

Maybe someone can post the link for me if they have seen this documented someplace, thank you.

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