Another guess the gender thread!

LI chickie

Apr 7, 2015
Long Island
Does anyone want to give their best guess with these 5 week old chicks?
Were they hatchery/feed store sourced? If so, the red/white ones are female red sex links (often sold as comets, stars, queens, etc) - if they were privately sourced they *could* just be barnyard mixes and the color pattern would not necessarily be indicative of gender. Even if the latter is true they are not showing any sign of being cockerels at this point, and I am leaning heavily towards the former being true.
The Wyandotte to the side is a bit hard to see well enough, but appears to be a pullet from what can be seen.
I got them when the local feed store had a "chick day" promotion I forget the name of the place put I believe it's a big hatchery.
The Wyandotte was from a local guy I don't know where her got her from.
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