ANother I need help identifying the breed and sex....


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Mar 14, 2015
This is another that came to me as new borns a

nd was given to me as a BO along with another I just posted about earlier....Help with breed and sex of this one too please....I am pretty sure she is a pullet and like the chicken in my previous post they are both twice the size of the BO's....just not sure of breed really.....Was thinking RIR, or Red Sex Link....but I am fairly new to the world of chickens....thanks again.
Production red maybe? Could be a hatchery RIR, I can't really tell the difference XD
Definitely a pullet though
As with the bird in your other thread, I would be considering Pioneer/Dixie Rainbow, etc - especially if the birds in the photo are all the same age or even close to the same age, given the size of this one.

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