Another Newbe - Incubation questions


6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Hello everyone,

I have two eggs in my mini dome incubator. Today is day 22 for #1. It was moving around a bit on Sunday (two days ago, now nothing. I did candle it this morning and did see that the beak has broken into the air space. Should I be concerned about no movement or wait it out? Should I put a breather hole in it to help...if is still alive?

to tell if it is still moving get some water that is about the same temp as the incabator's air and put the egg in the water for only a couple of seconds (dont want to drown it) if it bobs about than the little guys still going for it. also, after two days of the chick breaking the air sac it has about 2 days until it starts running out of air. Best of luck and remember to dry the egg off
Well, I guess I was worried for nothing. I got home from work yesterday evening and the little chick pipped a hole in the shell. It hatched early this morning. Patience is key I suppose. Now on to #2.

Thanks for you advice.

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