Another Newbie from GA


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
Hello everyone! I'm Wendy, married for 13 years, SAHM to our 10 year old dd, and a beauty consultant with Mary Kay.

I've wanted chickens for a while, but they're a no-no in my neighborhood, but I'm finding a way around it.
I ordered a coop today (not a handy type of person, nor is DH) and am trying to find some hens to put in it.

I read someone else's post talking about being overwhelmed, but I'm just the opposite. I feel like it's not that hard.
Am I missing something????

I'm just excited and looking forward to having those cluckers in my yard. The really funny thing is I'm having to eat a vegan diet right now for health reasons, so these ladies will really just be pets to me for a while. (My family is happy to eat the eggs!)

Looking forward to learning from you folks and getting to know some of y'all on here.


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