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    I have done what I consider in depth research on incubator hatching, but I've failed to answer 1 question... We all know the eggs should start pipping at days 18 thru 21, but is that 21 days from being laid, it 21 days from first incubation? The eggs were collected for 4 days prior to putting them all in the incubator at once. So, when the automatic incubator reads 1, is that 1 it actually 5 (4 days storage + 1 day incubating)? I hoping it's 1 because some eggs are 1 day, some 5... So day 18 would be a guess, and means some eggs would stop being turned earlier. Thanks!
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    Hi :welcome

    The 21 days of incubation means from the day they are set in the incubator and not from the day they are laid. The embryo development takes approximately 21 days once the eggs are in an optimum temperature environment for them to start developing.

    This a great read ~

    Good luck with your eggs :fl
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    Xs 2, with day one Starting after 24 hours of incubation. So if you set them Monday at 1, Tuesday at 1 is one day of incubation, Wednesday at 1 is two and so on.
    They need 21 days of INCUBATION.
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    Awesome info... Thanks for taking the time to reply. That means that when I first candled them and saw black dots, then they were technically only 3 days old... I'm so excited, and I appreciate the community! The were only 3 that seemed to not be developing, but I'll give them 7 days total.

    Came home today and the microwave clocks were flashing... You know what that means! I'm worried about how long the power could've been off, but it was 80 outside today (but they're in my closet) so I'm sure they kept warm enough... Don't ya think? Luckily, I'm not up North!!!

    Thanks again for your time and effort to reply! Peep peep!

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