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Jun 24, 2008
Ok I see from another post that you turn the eggs side to side
with and X & O.
This is what I'm tring to do with my homemade bator, put and egg carton on a dowel and put some sort of a bumper on the egg carton so it will only tilt so far
and tilt them side to side by turning/spinning the dowel. Do you think it will work or do they need to get a full turn. I just didn't what to keep opening the bator.

I also seen you put the big end up? when the hen sits on eggs arn't they on the side ? so then why the big end up.

also what is the Ideal temp in the bator and in my water wiggler? I'm at 99 in water wiggler and 98 inside bator degrees in both and 62 % humid with no cover on it.
Thank you.
Sounds like the carton method you mention is not that different from the way an egg turner works so I would think it should work fine.
It's true what you say about a hen but when it comes to an auto turner (or egg carton) I don't think I would put them air cell down.
I know if you are hatching from a carton the chicks generally pip in the upper half of the egg so it probably would be best to have that part of the egg exposed.
I have no water wiggler experience so I can comment on that.
Good luck on your hatch!
Thank you BawGock, I wasn't sure how a real egg turner worked.
I guess tilting side to side will be fine.

How long can you collect eggs for before they go in the bator?
days weeks I did ask this question before but my brain has been boiled making Maple Syrup until 2am
Look on my byc page @ "completed bator" can see how my turner works, just tilts side to side...just put pointy end down and away you go! I know some folks just tilt the whole incubator, but you have to figure out how to not spill water everywhere
Also one time I had too many eggs going at once and moved one set to the hatcher a little early...I put them in a carton and used a little plastic container to prop up one end, then the other until they didn't need turning anymore. Much easier than rolling them from side to side, I'd be afraid I'd drop one messing with them all that much!

Oh and under 7 days is the best but they can wait 10 if necessary...
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I seen yours and mine dose not turn/tilt as far as yours mine is six egg carton I have a small cooler I glued a pcs of cardboard to the bottom inbetween the egg carton cups I put a dowel through I use electrical tape on the dowel to make sure it was snug I'll try and upload a pix

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