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My bator is inbetween the desk and the bathroom, so I've been rolling eggs several times during the day as I go past. I've not counted but I'd say 5-7 times a day. Is there such a thing as overrolling, or am I just fussing?

Since these are Evan's eggs I'm really worried of messing them up.
Thanks, now I feel like a nut for admitting I pee all day long
, but you know 8 glasses of water a day and all....
Should I admit I have no idea WHY I'm rolling the darn things as well? Before this all my experiance has been with chicks shipped.

There is no limit to the number of times you should turn eggs as long as it's an odd number of times per day. At night time when your in bed the eggs are resting on one side of the yolk longer than at any other time of day and if you only turn even times the embrio has more chance to stick to this side of the shell in the night time.

I turn my eggs 8am-4pm-12pm so each side has eight hours.

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I was planning wakeup, lunch & bed time, but turns out I run to the girls room far more often than I eat. The eggs are for my son, who's going deaf, so I really don't want to mess up the hatch.

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