Another post about eggs w/no shells and birds not laying


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Nov 18, 2012
I know that this question has been posted before but as a novice I have an additional question that I could not find the answer to so just thought I'd start the topic over again. We have a flock of 4, one leghorn, a rir, a wyandotte and an orpington. They were all born on Memorial day this year. Our RIR is the only one of our four that has been laying. She started right before halloween and seemed to follow the usual pattern of an egg every couple of days. Then last week no eggs and I noticed some 'goo' sticking to her tail feathers. The following day I was in the run and noticed she was acting odd (slow gait and squatting positions) and I saw her lay an egg w/no shell. I read on this site that this is normal and suggestions for it. I had been feeding them laying feed, some scratch and our leftover greens. I have stopped giving the scratch, went out and bought oyster shell supplement 4 days ago and have provided it in a separate feeder which all the girls are nibbling from. I have also started supplementing with extra light in their house. The shell-less eggs have persisted as of today. How many days does it take for this situation to correct itself? When should I worry. Also, should I worry that my other girls are not laying?

Baby Chick

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Feb 28, 2012
Well I'm not an expert but to me it sound like either she's egg bound, or has a calcium problem. I wouldn't worry too much about the others not laying. Keep doing what you're doing with the oyster shells, you could also take egg shells, bake them then pound them up. If she's egg bound I'm not quite sure what to do, I had one & she passed away quickly. So I would google solutions for egg bound hens. I hope she gets better!

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Dec 15, 2011
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It can take a couple of weeks for the calcium supplement to take effect, it depends on how bad the calcium deficit was. If she has laid more eggs she is not egg bound. She may have been under the weather for those few days.


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Oct 25, 2012
Brewer, Maine
Hi, I just noticed the same thing with my 1.5 yr old BR. When I went out to her coop, there was a yellow, yoke-like mass on the floor and later in the day, I saw the same thing on the ground outside. She has since cleaned both of them up. I hope that doesn't mean she is developing a taste for eggs.:( I read the answer to your post about the calcium and will also try that. I also have 3 young BR, who were born around Memorial Day. Only one of them is laying, but she's been quite a regular layer, so far. Just waiting on the other 2 to catch on! Good luck!:)

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