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    Aug 26, 2010
    Ok, so i got three chickens from my cousin... two barred rocks and an easter egger type of americauna. One of the barred rocks had a spur so i posted her pic here and everyone mentioned, dang that chickens legs look like she has mites. I then watched her pretty closely for a while and it was clear that her legs were hurting her, she would stand on one for a while, then stand on the other for a while. The other two chickens looked just fine, scales laying flat, legs the normal diameter, but the legs were white, not the sort of dark gray and yellow that my other BR's have. I read someplace that having yellow legs is from them eating a lot of corn? (my kids shake out a can of cracked corn and other whole grains for them every morning)

    Anyway, I read up on this site and a few others and decided that I would start off with cleaning the coop very thoroughly, then I powdered it with some kind of chicken approved pesticide that I got at the grange. I powdered the floor of the coop (it is lifted), powdered the layer of straw, powdered a bit on the top layer of shavings.

    Then, I took the chicken that had the bad legs (dang, she was hard to catch... she's very skittish... I had to use a fishing net!!) and dipped her legs in a pan of vegetable oil. I got it all up into her lower belly feathers, dang she looks terrible! Anyway, the legs look a bit better today.

    I'm wondering how often to dip her? Should I do it again in a few days?

    Thanks and here is the picture of her where you can see her legs:

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    I think I would do it a few more times but not sure. I use WD40 and traet untill legs look good. but it depends how bad they are. I wouldnt think the oil will hurt. I make sure and dust each chicken under the wings and the vent. Good luck.

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