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    I've had chickens for almost a year now, and have not yet experienced a real "molt" (that I'm aware of). I have read on here that when they molt, they stop laying eggs, and the best way to combat this is to have chickens of different ages, so they molt at different times. Yet, I have also read that eventually, they usually end up molting in the fall and/or spring. Right now I have some hens that are 2 years old, and others that are 6 months old - most, if not all, are laying pretty regularly. I realize that as the chicken gets older, their egg production slows, but I am not to worried about that yet. If I am correct, my younger ones shouldn't go through a molt till next fall, but I should expect one from my older hens anytime? Does this mean to have continous egg production, I will need to keep adding younger chickens to the group? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I can't seem to wrap my brain around this one yet. Another, not so experienced chicken owner question - roosters do molt too, right? I noticed my only rooster lost his "ponytail feathers" as I call them, off his tail recently. (btw, I did do a search on this topic and couldn't find the exact answer I was looking for [​IMG].
    Thanks for any advice!
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    If you've spent much time on this forum, you come to realize that most of us are always adding younger birds into the mix.

    We call it 'chicken math'.

    I have a bunch going through a molt right now. FEATHERS EVERYWHERE..... and very few eggs.
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    [​IMG] the reason we keep adding to our flock is not because of molt or eggs we are all addicted!!!!!
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    what about roosters, do they molt? Also , I too have 5 hens all, approaching 18 months, this is there second fall. I have one star that has a bare spot on her bottom, the downy fuzzy part. Seems like lots of feathers, but not any other bare spots. My BO had kind of a bare spot for a few weeks down low on the back of her neck.

    I am still getting eggs pretty good.

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    just found a thread that said roosters do molt. That answers that question.
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    first a chicken can molt whenever.. it doesnt have to be spring or fall, and yes egg production will decrease but if you have to seperate aged birds you should have a pretty decent chance of them goin through molts at different times

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