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    Apr 2, 2010
    I originally posted this under the bad batch rant... But this is not as much as a rant as a hmmmm should I say something or should I take my lumps. Here is the post

    I actually need advice whether I should be PO'ed or not. But I'm leaning toward should... Here is what is going on.

    I ordered 18 mottled bantam cochin eggs from Pennsylvania, 6 bantam frizzles from Texas, 6 standard blue black splash frizzled cochins from Florida. I ordered them so they would all arrive on the same day. Gave Texas and Pennsylvania orders a day head start over Florida, being that I live in Florida. The plan worked they all arrived the same day December 13, none were broken and none of the boxes damaged. I will admit I did not pay for the eggs the same day the auctions ended.. I had two finals at college and completely forgot for 24 hours.. So everything was pushed back by a day.

    I candled them all before I put them in the incubator and many of them have very jiggly air sacs. After reading about others who have hatched chicks from eggs with jiggly air sacs I place them in cartons at an angle to incubate, instead of on their sides.

    Here is their current standings. The lady who I bought the mottled Cochins from sent 36 instead of 18 OH MY, that was a few extra smile! Now I have 17 that are developing very well from that batch. Texas sent 7 and 5 are developing so far from that big_smile.. I am very happy with these orders. I am very impressed with the ones from Texas wink .

    Now the ones from Florida is what I'm angry about. 7 eggs, 7 nothings.. Not even a blood ring. They are still in the incubator with me hoping I'm wrong. They are medium brown eggs, but I have candled brown eggs and even green eggs before and have been able to see something. I see zip not even a shadow of anything. These eggs traveled a short distances, shorter shipping time, went through better weather conditions. But the eggs that were sent are not shaped well. I couldn't even tell which end was the big end on some of them.

    I understand the whole ship at your own risk thing. But to me it just seems odd to not have ANY development. Not even a blood ring. So Should I email this person or just take my lumps and never order from them again? Do you think my 24 hour delay actually caused the problem? I am actually wondering if I was sent eggs that had never been fertilized.

    When should I call it quits for these eggs? And if I open one up would they still have any sign of ever being fertile?

    Now I would like to hear everyone opinion on this.

  2. me and my marans

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    Dec 27, 2009
    How were the 7 that dont appear fertile packaged? maybe that could be part of the problem?
  3. Katy

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    One of the worst hatches I ever had on shipped eggs came from eggs that had traveled the least distance. If they're mishandled in route, it really doesn't make any difference that they didn't travel very far. You said it was hard to tell which end was the big vs the small end. Some breeds have much rounder eggs than others.....the few cochins I had in the past laid a very "round" egg. My Marans it's often almost impossible to tell which end is which.....they aren't's just the way they are. Are these the ones with the jiggley aircells? If they are they're probably damaged from shipping.
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    Oct 25, 2010
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    I have wondered also...I ordered from two different sellers and added eggs from my own to the incubator. From one seller - all of a certain breed did not develop at all AND the shells were horrifically porous. Most interesting was that almost all the other breed eggs from same seller did develop. When I contacted seller and mentioned the failure to develop and the porous shells - seller claimed it was damage in shipping. And yet the damage only affected one specific breed? And do I have the right to wonder about the porous shells? Just curious.
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    Mar 22, 2010
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    ^ Something similar happened to me. One entire breed of my eggs failed to anything. I think their rooster is a bit undone. I got two batches from them, as well and on both batches the same breed eggs were just eggs with nothin' in 'em.

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