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12 Years
Feb 5, 2011
Southwest Indiana
I am hatching my first eggs (testing with some mixed breeds). My new incubator holds up to 82 eggs...right now I just have 12 in it. My question is, can you add other eggs in once you started? In other words, lets say on day 5 of the first 12 I get another dozen. Is it ok to add them into the incubator and just mark when you put them in? I don't have a hatcher, but I do have a second shelf in my incubator that isn't being used currently. If I did have a hatcher, I am assuming you could do this without any problem.....but I know what happens when you assume. Interested in your feedback.
If you've got a hatcher/brooder you could move the more mature eggs into for lockdown it would work. The humidity during hatching would be a little much for the eggs with more time left to go.
I incubate in a large cabinet model, and I add to it all the time (well, once a week). BUT, I do not hatch in it. I move the eggs on day 18 to a table top model .... HovaBator, Brinsea, etc. and increase the humidity.

I know some have hatched staggered hatches in a single unit before, but I never have. I think the increased humidity required for the ones due to hatch would be too much for the new eggs, and they would drown.

Good luck!

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