another rooster or hen peck

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Feb 17, 2013
Centrail Indiana
Hello. This is my boy Steve. He is 6 years old roughly.



Sorry about cruddy photos. He is currently separated from the hens and other rooster since I found him like this. Missing a great bit of feathets from behind his head. Is this my other roosters doing or are my hens involved too? I have a rather mean spirited one named Penny that goes out of her way to pick on everyone. Is this to be expected since Steve is getting older and is in theory being 'knocked' off his thrown? I am currently cleaning the wounds with antibacterial cream and letting air dry. Will get a coat a blue kote tomorrow. He has food and electrolyte water so this isn't my first rodeo. Just want to know how I should proceed... Any advice?
From the last photograph it looks as if he is being attacked from if he is being is possible that a female can attack from this angle but I suspect that this may be male dominance...are his eyes injured too ? Best to keep him isolated until he is healed sorry for you and him, it is awful when one is being attacked by their flockmates...
I have another rooster named Bernie that was hatched in November of last year and I was thinking the same thing. Up until recently Steve here has been top bird. Well, until last night. And I am keeping him separate for now. He is still very spunky. Tough old bird. His pride seems to be hurt though. Eyes are OK, a little swollen but he can see out of them OK enough to give me the stank eye
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It would be a good idea...once Steve is fully back to his health and re-introduced to his flock separate Bernie from the flock for a few days...this helps to re-establish the "pecking order" with your loving care that Steve will be back to his normal self very soon!
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Lol he is currently chilling in my front yard in the sun while the other birds are inside the run. He is also molting so he is cold missing so many feathers. Thank you for the input and I will try that out!

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