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  1. So, I though to let you all up to speed.

    I finally have Jumbo Quail (browns), a nice quad of them. I have 2 tuxedo`s both of them are female, so I do need to find a male some time. I have a quad of britsh range. Than I have one redhead hen. Woo-Hoo, a nice little flock. I have a old incubator that I tried hatching. I found out my mistake. I`m buying another which I will have by the end of march sometime. But I have a few eggs that I don`t want to go to waste. So, I have the bator running and have the eggs in now..... WOOT. Hopefully I will have some chicks out of these little guys...

    Wish me luck guys on me Breeding hobby
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    Sep 10, 2010
    good luck, you may be one of our northernmost contributing authors.
    would like to see some pics of those birds from the far north.
  3. Yah, I'll get pics when I have them in pens, Right now their Just in a pet cage. But I will be having actual pens shortly :D
  4. Update, I've gotten a egg yesterday, And two today, woot woot. Im working on getting another batch in the bator by saturday. ever since I've issued nighty times, its lay lay....

    The batch i have in my bator, I only have 5, But still a great start. Day 3 for them.... 12 more days till lock-down
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    I love to see new people addicted, it remind me of when I was starting out! Good luck! sending good chick-vibes your way.

    Quote: Pshaw! Southern Alberta? I go to Alaska for a Sunday drive! [​IMG]
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    if you cant find a male tuxedo, you CAN breed them to a range male and then take one of the male chicks (pick the one with the most white - they often have little bibs or bowties) and breed it back to the original two females and then just start selecting birds that have the best pattern. You can get a bit of a flock going while you keep your eye out for a new-stock male. Same with the golden - breed it to a normal and you will likely get a couple goldens and a couple normals. You should avoid breeding goldens to goldens because after a few generations your fertility will bottom out.
  7. really sucky. Thanks, actually I was going to do 5 and 5 in each pen. Put the jumbos and the golden in one. and the Tux and range together.... and start from there...
  8. I just realized that I have to do 6 and 5 :/ I have 11 birds....
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    I think your iriginal plan is a good one - put the golden in with the normals and the the tuxes in with the ranges. I found with mine, when all the colours were running together, I got overrun with ranges after a few generations so if you want to breed for tuxes, you might want to use a range male and keep your tux females separate so you can select only their eggs. Ad with the golden x normals, you might end up with normals that throw goldens once in a while. How you put them together depends on what colours you want to breed for I suppose!

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