another set of QUINTS


14 Years
Nov 8, 2008
North Alabama
Nimue kidded QUINTUPLETS on Feb 27, 2009. This was our second set of quints this year. Three of them were just too tiny to survive but we did get two blue eyed polled bucklings who are doing just great!

Very Pretty! That's great that both are polled and blue eyed! Sorry you lost the three.

I am still in GA and will get that info to you as soon as I get back home.

Thank You!! Thanks Mitzi...have fun in GA!!!
And I just got my CAE Test results from the Lab...the whole herd tested negative...WOO HOOO!!!!!
awesome babies, my buck hero was a quint, i'm on kid watch 2009, i think gigi is going to go today sometime or my luck 3 am in the morning, at least it's 70 degrees here in wv:D
Very cute!! We had one miscarry this week. It was her first pregnancy and she was just too young to carry to term. We didn't even know she was pregnant. The kid looked to be about 4 months along.
Thank You!
The black boy is solid black...not a bit of any other color on him. First time I've had a solid black one....he is for sale but the other guy is already sold
Congrats on the two beautiful boys. Sorry about the other three - that's always so hard.

There was a news story last week about a farm in WI whose Nigi had quads - they said it was so rare to ever happen ... my husband saved it for me to watch. I said, "Oh yea! Well, there's someone on BYC who's goat had Quints and another with Quads!" Where's your news story?

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