Another sick hen...loose white poop on feathers but vent clear

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    Jul 21, 2008
    Loose white poop on feathers but vent clear, and she's had lower energy for 2 days that I know of (we were out of town for the weekend).

    She is foraging with the others but is not kicking and pecks half-heartedly.

    Her tail is down somewhat (parallel to the ground) but definitely lower than others.

    I don't feel an egg, but I am a newbie and could be missing the obvious.

    I'm not sure if this one is laying yet. She's about 30 weeks, golden sex link.

    I would like to separate her and see how she's eating and give her electrolytes, etc. But really don't have a good warm place in the house. Can I separate her outside with cover and a lamp? It seems that the stress of being separated is not going to help, so I'm reluctant to do that.

    Any suggestions please? If I were to take her to the vet, does anyone have a ballpark of how much chicken vet bills can run?

    Thanks for any help...

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