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    Mar 6, 2011
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    I am new to the world of silkies..I recently lost one to what I think was sour crop..not sure though because she was always little and never got any bigger. I was left with one male silkie that I got from the same breeder. about 1 week ago I noticed some bloody poop in the coop. I took him inside and started him on antibiotics as well as medicated chick feed. He is drinking and eating but like my other one..he has lost alot of weight and is not acting right. This morning I noticed his crop is large and smooshy....I read on here to try mineral oil and massae his crop. I have tried that and he did I guess burp(?not sure if that is the right way to describe it) and was able to get some mineral oil into him. I am not sure why both if these silkies got sick and I am worried that we are going to lose this one also. His stool is not frank red but is kind of mucas with blood in it. I looked at the poop chart on here and his does not look like cocci but I am not sure. No mites that I can tell...I have had multiple other baby chicks that I raised with never losing any..even 17 week old chicks rescued from the I am not sure what it is that I could be doing wrong..I am feeding them just like I have all my other chicks..the food is never damp..could these little ones just come to me ill? I have 2 other silkie chicks that I got a couple of weeks ago..they have not been together I was going to wait the month period to introdce them I am just at my wits end with this group of silkies..what can I be doing wrong with these little guys...I am trying everything to save him but not sure what it is I am treating..any ideas?
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    Try taking him to the vets.. I hope someone more exsperienced know what to do and chimes in. They can burp just like us!
    Sorry i can't help. Hope someone can.

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