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Jul 9, 2007
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I came on here to post a picture of my teeny tiny egg I got from my game hen today, and there are two other threads about small eggs, also.
Anyway here is a picture.


The one right behind the smallest egg is hers also, it's a little smaller than normal, too. I figure she must be upset because she is locked in the chicken pen with the other chickens for two days now. She normally free ranges all day and sleeps in barn at night. She is a hen that just came and started living in my tree, but now she sleeps in the barn. The door was closed the other night so she put herself away with all the other chickens so I left her in there for two days.
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I haven't cracked the small egg yet, I'm wondering if there is a yolk in there too! I want to show it to my sister when she gets here tomorrow.
Today, she laid a normal size egg again. She is no longer locked up with the other chickens!

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