Another Stinking thermometer question...

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    ok i have 2 different thermometers in my is a springfeild precies temp. ( ) and an acurite digital thermometer 00891 ( )

    my springfeild one is telling me within a degree of the other one and the temp seems decent but the humidity is what is confusing me....the springfield is saying 54% and the acurite is saying 20%...something is def. not right there....anyone help?

    o and what do i set it on for the Indoor outdoor setting? i have it on the outdoor setting right now

    *************i think the humidity is wrong because the accurite has the humidity in the actual device and not the probe so i am going to say the 54% is correct....and the temp. is just about even now...i guess i am a little worried and didnt think to look for the answers myself...but i looked and i just hope i am right...
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    The probe has nothing to do with humidity, it is only for reading temperature. The probes intended use is to be run through up under a window and to the outside so you can see the temperature outdoors...thus to see the temperature at the probe you would want the unit set to "OUT"....but the humidity reading would still be for where ever the main unit is sitting, so to check humidity inside the incubator you have to have the main unit inside.

    That is definitely to large of a difference between the two units' humidity readings. I would suggest checking the hygrometers using the salt method of calibration. Here is a link to thread about how to do it.... Salt Method .

    You should also check the thermometer portions of the units by comparing them with a known precise a digital medical thermometer (the ones like you check for a fever with). Just because they somewhat agree doesn't mean they're accurate. You'll need to set the two units in the incubator along with a small cup of 100-degreeish temperature water. Let the water stay in there until it equalizes to the temperature within the incubator....ever how long that takes....go for 3-4 hours, longer is better. Have the digital units sitting so you can see the readings through the incubator window. When the time comes write down the digital readings *before* removing the top. Once the top is removed quickly stick the probe of the digital medical thermometer into the cup of water...once it gets its reading compare that to the temperatures you wrote down from the otherl units.

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