Another warmth question - 8 week olds and temps in the 30's


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Oct 17, 2008
Northern Metro Atlanta, GA USA
My youngest chicks are 8 weeks today, and have been living outside since they were four weeks old. They've been fine in the coop at night with no heat with temps in the 40s, but tonight we've got a cold front coming though and are expecting temps close to freezing. Their backs are feathered. Do I need to put on a heat lamp?
I had about 7 die from a cold snap. The heat lamp (unknown by me) came unplugged and it got down to the low 30's. I would.
they will be fine, no worry
When in doubt give them some heat source. It does not have to be much. The problem with the weather these days is that is changes so quickly. Young birds have not had a chance to acclimate to the cold.

I pamper my birds and they probably are not as hardy as some but I can't see taking a chance of loosing any right now.
Mine are about 9wks. old and I put them out in kennel 2 wks. ago when the weather was nice. I always kept a heat lamp on them at night in the brooder if they got cold, but leave the kennel open all the time if they want to go out. Our weather is a little strange right now, but I replacied the heat lamp with a 60 watt bulb for some warmth if they need it or move to the dark side if they want. I always check on them in the morning, going up to the kennel and saying; HI BOYS AND GIRLS and they all come out looking for treats. All are doing well.
I would put it out there to be safe. Mine did just fine but I couldnt sleep knowing it was that cold out there and DH wouldnt let me bring them in.
Who wouldnt want 22 babies at 5 months in there room with them?

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